Our partners are trusted leaders in their respective fields

Demandware eCommerce Partners are leading on-demand software companies offering complementary technology to the Demandware platform like advanced fraud screening, cutting-edge web analytics, loyalty programs and rich imaging solutions. In addition, because Demandware offers integration through standards-based web services, clients can integrate any of their existing or preferred vendors’ solutions.

Award best flash - ecommerce software 2002 . Therain Inc is leading specialist full service IT consulting firm .This highly qualified team has already been successfully used in extensive eBusiness projects for many years . Therain Inc is headquartered in CA with offices throughout Boston - Newyork.

Leading retailers choose Allurent products to create the most compelling online shopping experiences imaginable. Their innovative ecommerce products deliver rich interactions throughout the shopping lifecycle, from browsing to choosing to buying. Their goal is to make shopping your site easier, more compelling, and fun. The result is a superior shopping experience leading to more satisfied customers and greater sales.

Bazaarvoice offers outsourced technology, services, analytics, and expertise to help companies enhance the online shopping experience with social commerce applications that drive sales. Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer deliver immediate success by minimizing implementation risk and maximizing the strategic impact of user-generated review content through complete customization, deep integration, community management, advanced analytics, search engine optimization, and syndication across the Web and to offline channels. Bazaarvoice was named a Red Herring Top 100 company in 2006 and received the 2006 ClickZ Marketing Innovation of the Year award. Bazaarvoice currently serves over 90 ecommerce leaders including Bass Pro Shops, Dell, Macy's, Overstock.com, PETCO, QVC, Sears and ZipRealty. The company has headquarters in Austin, TX and offices in London, UK. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at http://www.bazaarvoice.com/ or email info@bazaarvoice.com.

Certona provides a hosted solution called Resonance® for automated, real-time and individualized merchandising on ecommerce sites. Certona's goal is to generate incremental revenues for Internet retailers, without any costly implementations and ongoing maintenance costs often associated with the traditional, rules-based product recommendations engines. Certona's customers enjoy rapid implementations in a week or less; and an immediate lift in revenues. Resonance is powered by a sophisticated neural networks engine which combines behavioral targeting and predictive analytics algorithms to optimally match site visitors and products in real time. Resonance is already being used across a wide range of verticals including books, apparel, consumer electronics, sporting goods, gifts and more.

Demandware partners with CyberSource, a leader in on-demand electronic payment and fraud solutions. Research from the 2004 CyberSource Enterprise eCommerce Payment Survey shows that better management of payment and risk practices can boost online revenue and lower costs by up to 20%. Introducing more than 3 payment methods can increase sales conversion rates by up to 10%. CyberSource offers the following real time data services:

  • Credit card
  • Electronic Check Processing
  • Gift and Prepaid Certificates
  • Bill Me Later
  • PayPal


  • Coverage of 60,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States and Canada
  • Real-time calculation of VAT in over 60 countries
  • Tax assessed by line item rather than total amount.


  • Delivery address verification
  • Velocity pattern analysis
  • AVS and Card Verification number checking
  • Verified by Visa, MasterCard, SecureCode and CyberSource
  • Advanced fraud screen enhanced by Visa

Gomez, Inc. is a leading provider of web experience management services, which businesses use to test their web applications while in development and to monitor their web applications after deployment. More than 2,000 customers use Gomez’s on-demand services to improve the quality of the web experience in order to increase their revenue from web applications, reduce their operating costs, and extend their brand reputations. For more information, please visit http://www.gomez.com/.

Demandware partners with Loyalty Lab, the leading on demand retail loyalty solutions provider. Loyalty Lab's flagship product allows retailers to create and manage loyalty and relationship marketing programs without any commitment to software, hardware, or physical card deployment. These solutions address the needs of retailers who need a single loyalty solution that spans both physical stores and their ecommerce channel as well. Loyalty Lab enables retailers to very easily integrate point-of-sale, ecommerce and loyalty card systems into one holistic multi-channel loyalty program.

Loyalty Lab's on demand loyalty solutions include:

  • Tiers, points, triggers, rewards catalogs and online account management
  • Add rules-based accelerators and benefits
  • Distribute materials in-store and online
  • Sign up shoppers online, in-store or by phone

PowerReviews provides customer reviews and customer-driven merchandising solutions to multi-channel retailers to help convert more shoppers, and attract new shoppers to their websites. PowerReviews' unique tag-based approach to reviews empowers shoppers with authentic peer-level input at each step in the shopping process, helping them find, compare and decide on the right product for them. PowerReviews offers its service on a fully-managed basis, with no downtime risk of a traditional ASP and no up-front fees.

Demandware has partnered RightNow Technologies to offer the industry's first joint enterprise-class on demand customer relationship management (CRM) and ecommerce solution. The partnership provides multi-channel retailers and consumer brands with tight integration between their online and offline businesses, improving customer experiences across channels. Through this combination of CRM and ecommerce, clients can deliver a consistent experience across the complete customer lifecycle, from awareness and acquisition through conversion and support – regardless of how consumers interact with the company. Throughout the customer lifecycle, clients maintain a single view of the customer and can leverage uniform product and support content, pricing and promotions, business processes and interaction channels. The new enterprise mash-up connects RightNow's service and marketing applications with Demandware's web platform and ecommerce services.

Riversand Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of PIM and MDM software Solutions. Riversand’s MDM solution enables enterprises to manage their master data across different entities such as Product, Customer, and Vendor. Riversand’s PIM solution handles all Product related workflows and data management needs across an enterprise: from Vendors on the supply side to Customers on the demand side. Riversand marquee solutions include:

  • PIM for Multi-channel Retailing
  • PIM for eProcurement Cataloging
  • MDM for Products, Customers, Vendors, etc.

Industry leaders such as Fingerhut, ConocoPhillips, Ingersoll Rand, and ExxonMobil leverage Riversand’s PIM and MDM solutions to create accurate, timely & up-to-date product information and catalogs across all corporate internal systems, customers, vendors and channel partners; and accelerate time-to-market, increase sales, improve order accuracy, reduce costs and enhance customer service. Headquartered in Houston, TX, it has 4 offices and over 100 employees’ worldwide. For more information please contact Riversand at (713) 934-8899 or visit www.riversand.com.

Demandware partners with ScanAlert, which audits and certifies over 70,000 web sites in 40 countries through HACKER SAFE, the world's most widely adopted ecommerce security trustmark. Research from IBM, MarketingSherpa, Harris Research and others consistently shows that 3rd party security certification eases the fears of online consumers, which translates into more sales. In three years of A/B testing by more than 400 online retailers, including national chain stores, HACKER SAFE certification has increased sales conversions an average of 14% compared to the control. ScanAlert also certifies more merchants to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard than anyone else, and provides the official Visa-branded PCI certification service to retailers in more than 70 countries. ScanAlert provides every Demandware merchant with complementary PCI certification.

ScanAlert's PCI Service includes everything Demandware merchants need to be certified:

  • Quarterly security scanning
  • Comprehensive online tools, including an interactive PCI wizard
  • Unlimited telephone and online technical support
  • Vulnerability remediation assistance

HACKER SAFE certification:

  • Used by over 40% of the Internet Retailer Top 500 as well as FORTUNE 500's, banks, and defense contractors
  • Automated daily security scanning
  • Increased customer confidence and security ROI
  • Exceeds the highest industry and government data security standards

Demandware partners with Scene7 to offer leading on demand Dynamic Imaging capabilities as part of our core platform. No other provider offers a more comprehensive, powerful platform for automating the production and delivery of high-impact rich media. Leading eTailers rely on Scene7 to increase sales and marketing effectiveness by:

  • Dramatically enhancing visual merchandising and messaging
  • Display complete product line on demand – all available options, surfaces, fabrics, and details (zoom, pan, colorize, 360-degree spin)
  • Composite or layer images with dynamic text and dynamic graphics
  • Grow revenues and conversion rates up to 45%