Purchase & Installation

      1. Choose your package and solution , Hosted package or Licensed package and place an order your

      2. Find a suitable hosting service and register a domain name Selecting the server, keep in mind the system requirements necessary .


System requirements:

  • Web server with support for PHP version 5.1 or better.
    • It is recommended to disable mod_security module.
  • PHP configuration should include the following options
    • disabled safe_mod (default state)
    • enabled file_uploads (default state)
    • enabled CURL support (required for operation of some payment gateways and systems (such as PayPal,
      Authorize.NET, Google Checkout, etc), real-time shipping services (FedEx, UPS, DHL/Airborne) and for checking if the server supports a secure connection)
    • installed GD library (recommended)
  • MySQL database version 4.1 or better.

       3. Buy an SSL certificate and install it on your server if you plan to accept payments via Google Checkout, PayPal Pro, etc. It can be bought and installed any time, as an SSL certificate is NOT required for installing Erain Cart or its running, but it will make your customers feel safe when shopping with you. Buy SSL certificate


      4. Install the Erain-Cart software on your server. The installation process is described in detail in our User Manual. Also, we can perform a professional installation for you on a paid basis.


      5. Setup

  • Enter your company details including address which is used to calculate shipping costs.
  • The next step is to define languages in which the site will be available and currencies in which prices can be displayed.
  • Set up payment methods that will be accepted in your store.
  • Set up necessary shipping methods and/or create your own custom ones.
  • Create and set up taxes applicable to your products.
  • Set up general settings that affect your store overall and configure some basic information of the store, for instance, specify weight symbol and minimum order amount, enable one-page checkout or extended search by product options, etc. A detailed description of the settings can be found in our User Manual.


   6. Inventory

  • Import the whole product database in CSV format or add your products manually (in the latter case create categories to group similar products and define manufacturers, global options and features (if required) in advance).


   7. Look & Feel

  • Select a store design from the included design themes.
  • Edit the home page, namely add your own default page title, welcome text and meta-information, if necessary.
  • Insert your own logo and adjust the appearance settings of your store – from the default language of the Erain Cart admin panel to date and time format.
  • If required, customize Erain Cart templates as described in Knowledge Base to match your existing website. You can use our professional design creation and integration services.


   8. Functionality

  • If your online business has some special features, you may need to change Erain Cart default functionality. You can do it by yourself (if you are familiar with PHP, MySQL and Smarty) or order our custom development services.


   9. Promotion

  • Create a favorable atmosphere to attract and retain customers, namely make use of such features as Gift certificates, Promotions, Affiliate program, Reward points and others.
  • Use a creative content management system (CMS) to promote not only your store in general, but also your products and your company. Place different information pages on the website and draw your customers' attention to a larger number of products by adding product lists like
  • Enable SEF links and advertise the site to your target audience via the Internet or other media.

Enjoy to make profit

Erain Team