1.Decide What To Sell 

You’ve decided you want to start an online business, but the question still remains, “What will I sell online?” Once you answer this question, you’re on your way to opening an online store. More info.

2.Choose the Best Domain Name for your Online Store

Research available domain names to understand what options you have to choose from. Then, decide on a domain name that fits the needs of your business and your budget. More info.


3.Select a Unique Design

Your store’s ‘look’ must reflect the personality of your online business in a professional way. Remember that your store needs to be easy to navigate, fully functional and have a fresh design. More info.


4.Choose a Provider with the Highest Levels of Certified Security

Provide your customers with a guarantee that their credit card information is securely collected, protected and stored. More info.


5.Get Noticed

Search engines can be your store’s best asset and they are more likely to place your page higher in a targeted search if your store is search engine optimized. If you’re interested in taking your marketing program to the next level, consider a SEM or Fast Traffic program. Gain even more exposure and boost online sales by integrating your products with social platforms like Facebook and MySpace. More info.


6.Invite Customers to Your Store

Utilize marketing tools such as coupons, gift certificates, email marketing, newsletters and product reviews to reach your customer base and increase sales. More info.


7.Make it Easy to Buy

Make it as convenient as possible for your customers to make an online purchase by having a merchant account and gateway solution to accept all major forms of credit card payment. More info.