With Erain’s commitment to high standards in security protocols, data is secure and protected.

  • Committed to Security – Your data is being secured against theft or manipulation with Integrated IP Blocking, 24x7 Surveillance, Advanced Encryption, and more.
  • PCI/CISP Certified – Erain recognizes the importance of secure online transactions and eCommerce solutions to achieve 100% PCI/CISP Certification as a Level I Service Provider.
  • Restricted Access – Create multiple administrator logins, while permitting different levels of access.


  • Premium Hosting
  • SSL Encryption
  • Multiple Administrator Login
  • "Members Only" Website Capabilities
  • Displays Last Four Digits of Credit Card Numbers Only
  • SSL Security Seal- Displays Security Seal on Order Page w/SSL Certificate
  • Captcha-Type Image Validation Support for All Form Submissions

What is a Premium Hosting environment and why does it matter to my business?
The lifeline of any online store is its ability to display products and take orders. Simply put, if your site is down you are not making any money. Erain continues to reinvest and expand our data centers to ensure that we are meeting high quality data standards. It is our goal and commitment to ensure you are protected with regard to the hosting of your site. We are continuously upgrading our backup, redundancy, diaster recovery and off-site backup solutions to ensure we have you covered.

What do I get?


The Network
  • 24x7x365 server monitoring
  • Highest security levels
  • PCI compliance
  • Nightly site Backups
  • Offsite tape rotation
  • High performance bandwidth
The Data Centers
  • 24x7 interior and exterior surveillance
  • UPS power backup
  • On site Diesel generator
  • Advanced fire suppression systems
  • Redundant fiber entry point