Erain Merchant Services provides online site owners with a low-cost, all in one online merchant account and gateway solution. Accept credit cards for payment directly on your site, and then have those funds placed directly into your bank account!

Accept ALL Major Credit Cards

In today’s aggressive online market, simply accepting Pay Pal and Google Checkout isn’t enough. Get on the same playing field as your competitors. Give your business a more professional, established and credible appearance by accepting ALL major credit cards and debit cards directly from your store. Without the intervention of third parties, Erain Merchant Services increases the credibility of your online store while helping to increase your conversion rate!

Erain Merchant Services integrates fully with your  Platinum online store. Complete all aspects of each transaction (authorize, capture, settle, void and refund) in one convenient location. In having a single point of contact for all areas of your online business, you will also eliminate the hassle of dealing with a separate gateway, merchant account and online store provider.

Apply Today!

Vietnam : via OnePay - Paynet
USA : via Authorized.net

The application process is easy, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Start accepting payment on your site within 5-7 business days by filling out an application today!

Credit Card Processing – Merchant Accounts

  • Accept ALL MAJOR Credit Cards on your Website, Retail or eBay Store
  • Have Funds deposited directly into your Personal or Business Checking Account
  • All Internet accounts INCLUDE real time Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal
  • Apply for American Express & Discover directly on your Application
  • NO Application Fees
  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Leasing

You are by no means obligated to use Erain Merchant Services. You may also use our Erain eCommerce Solution with other integrated credit card processing gateways. With our low rates and full integration, we’re confident that you will find that our Merchant Services offer is the best all in one merchant account and gateway to meet your online business needs.

Please Note: All websites using Erain Merchant Services are required to have an SSL certificate with a minimum 128 bit encryption.

Erain’s is a leader in the ecommerce industry with its secure data infrastructure and is proud to provide its customers with a network that is 100% CISP certified.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard is a joint creation of Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. In response to the growing severity of credit card theft, the PCI Standard was created with the goal of protecting cardholder data wherever it may reside. The PCI has developed industry wide standards for card data security to be followed by both merchants and providers alike.

Warning: If you sell online and accept credit cards, then you MUST be PCI compliant. The deadline to become compliant has passed and it’s not something you can claim ignorance toward.

If you are using a hosted solution, your provider must be CISP Certified and appear on Visa’s approved list. (Simply hearing your provider say they’re compliant means nothing unless they are actually on Visa’s certified list). If you host your own store, then you must go through the very time consuming and costly process of becoming certified on your own.

These non-compliant hosted solutions are unable to achieve certification due to either not having the required capital to complete certification, not having the knowledge or manpower to code and configure the elements needed for a secure platform.

At Erain ecommerce, we give you all of the tools you need to develop a successful ecommerce company. In addition, we don’t believe in hidden fees.

Many business owners find that as they grow and become more successful online, their use of bandwidth increases along with their sales revenue. While some companies choose to charge customers a percentage of sales in order to compensate for this growth, Erain does NOT. Erain only charges a minimal monthly fee for the hosting of your online store.

Getting Approved

How long is the wait time before a merchant account is approved?
Generally most applications receive approval within 5-7 working business days.

How will I know if I am approved?
Once the application is processed, you will be contacted via email by a Erain Merchant Services representative.

Do I need to purchase an SSL in order to be approved for a merchant account?
Yes.  Websites using Erain Merchant Services are required to have an SSL certificate with a minimum 128 bit encryption for all credit card information.

What are my chances of being approved?
Erain has been very successful in getting a large portion of our applications processed, so it is highly likely that your application will get approved. If you are not approved, our financial services department will work with you in order to help meet approval of another provider.

Is it possible to get a merchant account if I have bad credit?
Although we cannot guarantee it, Erain Merchant Services will work very diligently with our underwriting team in order to help get your application approved regardless of your credit standing.

I do not have bad credit, but this is my first business. Will I still be eligible for a merchant account?
Yes, it’s likely. erain-cart’s credit and financial services team works with thousands of new businesses owners every year in order to get approval for merchant accounts.

General Questions

I already have a retail terminal. Why can’t I just take credit card information from my website and process it offline?
Visa has very strict guidelines regarding the processing of credit cards. Processing your store's credit card orders offline violates the terms of most retail merchant account agreements, and does not comply with PCI card security guidelines. Additionally, transactions manually keyed into your terminal are usually processed at a higher rate than swiped or online transactions.

Why can’t I just accept Pay Pal or Google Checkout on my site?
Using a merchant account offers many advantages over both Pay Pal and Google Checkout. A merchant account provides your customers with a streamlined checkout process without any third party intervention. Using a merchant account gives your store a more professional, established and credible appearance- helping to increase your conversion rate.

Can I have multiple websites use one merchant account? (Platinum License)
No. Due to credit card processing regulations, you can only have one storefront for each merchant account. .

Do you process orders for international merchants through your Merchant Account Services?

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen in order to setup a merchant account through StoresOnline?
Yes. At this time, our Merchant Services are limited to U.S. citizens only. All merchants applying for a merchant account must have a valid Social Security number.

Can I accept American Express with Volusion Merchant Services?
Yes. During the application process, you may specify whether or not you would like to apply to accept American Express on your site.

Can I accept debit cards through my StoresOnline Merchant Services account?
Yes. erain-cart Merchant Services will allow you to accept debit cards, in addition to standard bank issued credit cards.

Can I accept Electronic Checks with StoresOnline Merchant Services?
No. erain-cart Merchant Services does not provide Electronic Check Processing at this time.

Do you offer both swipe and online credit card processing?
Yes. erain-cart  Merchant Services offers both. If you would like to apply for a retail terminal, please contact us

Will I be able to see my customer’s full credit card number?
No. Due to PCI/CISP compliance regulations, we are unable to provide you with a customer’s full credit card number.

What is a Discount Rate? Interchange? Chargeback?
Discount Rate- a percentage of each transaction that the merchant is charged by the provider for facilitating a credit card transaction.

Interchange- the exchange of transactions between the credit card processing network and the issuing bank.

Chargeback- a transaction that is returned to the merchant by the card issuing bank, generally due to a disputed transaction. The merchant bank has the option of returning or “charge(ing) back” the merchant for this transaction.

Once Approved

Who must I contact if I need assistance with credit card processing?
Please call us with any questions you may have.

How do I link my merchant account to my erain-cart store?
The process is easy. Go to your Admin Area and Click Settings-->Quick Setup. please contact our Tech Support department

How long will it take before I can begin accepting credit cards?
Generally most merchants are able to accept credit cards within two to four business days.

How long will it take to receive funds into my checking account after a transaction is processed?
It usually takes 2-3 days for the card companies to settle the transaction, and to make funds available for withdrawal.

How do I change my personal information (account number, contact info, etc.)?
Any changes to your merchant application will need to be completed by a erain-cart Merchant Services representative.